Kinect for Windows beta 2 is out

The new site for Kinect for Windows and the new beta of the SDK are out!


This new version focuses on stability and performance:

  • Faster and improved skeletal tracking
  • Status change support
  • Improved joint tracking
  • 64-bit support
  • Audio can be used from UI thread

We also announce the release date of the commercial version for early 2012.

Faster and improved skeletal tracking

With updates to the multi-core exemplar, Kinect for Windows is now 20% faster than it was in the last release (beta 1 refresh). Also, the accuracy rate of skeletal tracking and joint recognition and been substantially improved.

When using 2 Kinects, you can now specify which one is used for skeletal tracking.

Status change support

You can now plug and unplug your Kinect without losing work. API support for detecting and managing device status changes, such as device unplugged, device plugged in, power unplugged, etc. Apps can reconnect to the Kinect device after it is plugged in, after the computer returns from suspend, etc..

Improved joint tracking

Substantially improve the accuracy rate of joint recognition and tracking.

64-bit support

The SDK can be used to build 64-bit applications. Previously, only 32-bit applications could be built.

Audio can be used from UI thread

Developers using the audio within WPF no longer need to access the DMO from a separate thread. You can create the KinectAudioSource on the UI thread and simplify your code.

Additional information

Furthermore, this new version now supports Windows ”8” (Desktop side) Sourire

The new site and the sdk can be found here:

To use this new version you only need to recompile your code as no breaking changes were introduced. 

Kinect Toolbox

The Kinect Toolbox was obviously updated to support the new SDK:

The nuGet package can be found here: