What's new in Babylon.js 2.4

Woot! What a version again! It seems to me that this is my state of mind for every version but, whaou! we put so much love again in this version.

You can find the complete release notes here but I still would like to highlight a few features (Even if they all deserve some attention).


Canvas2D (by Loic Baumann aka Nockawa) is a HUGE addition to babylon.js. It is basically an entire 2D accelerated engine available out of the box.

Indeed babylon.js is a full featured 3D engine, but the need to handle 2D content is often encountered when working on games or complex applications.

It is to provide an answer to this demand that we’ve developed the Canvas2D feature.

Canvas2D in a non HTML feature, 100% WebGL based, developed to serve the purpose of drawing, animating and interaction with 2D Content.

Here are some samples demonstrating the raw power of this new feature: